Domaine de la Fouquette Cuvée Rosée d’Aurore
Price: ~ $15
Year: 2013
Region: France
Retailer: Whole Foods

My hilarious homie Andrew Ti, creator of the “Yo, Is This Racist?” website and podcast, joined me to drink and talk about Rosé because hey, wine not?

Cinematography by Antoin Huynh
Music by Monster Rally
Edited by Faith Davis


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This is what I do every morning.

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My eyebrows are naturally quite thick but I recently started using Benefit’s Gimme Brow. It’s a fiber gel that fills and keeps your brows in place. I lovelovelove it.


I recently had the pleasure of attending the LA launch for Gia Coppola’s new wines at the glamorous Sunset Tower hotel. I got to sit down with the 100% lovely wine/filmmaker herself about wine, trilling, Blood Orange, the inspiration behind her gorgeous bottles and her dope-ass skirt.


I proceeded to spend the next three hours wine tasting— complete with Ross Tests— with models, country singers, dudes with apps (like Saucey), writer pal Erin Mallory Long, actresses, sound dudes, and a lot of other typical LA party-going total strangers.

(I left out a lot of quotation marks in the above paragraph, btw.)


And by the time my very hilarious and fashionable friend Kelly Oxford popped by in a perfect turbany headband, I had consumed the most Gia wine anyone has ever consumed in three hours. Bless her and her guest, amazing interior decorator Orlando Soria, who unfortunately had never met me before I turned into a drunk girl from the valley.

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Haha, no, I’ve definitely led you on. But it’s not going to happen. I just want to accurately document how I drink wine. Me drinking topless in the summer is a real thing that happens, but I would hate for my shit to become about that. Plus my boyfriend would never forgive me. Plus I’m already topless in the annals of the internet if you’re really that interested.

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For me, reading wasn’t very helpful. I didn’t enjoy it, and I didn’t ever retain the information because I generally wasn’t drinking the wine I was studying. I’ve learned a lot by just drinking a lot of different wines and drinking wine with people who know way more about wine than I do. Go to tastings as often as you can. Take the time to have a sensory experience with the wine and make yourself articulate those sensory experiences. The more you talk about wine, the more you will know. And write it all down.

"You’re something special. We all will sing your name. Embrace your darkness, never be ashamed. You’re something special, to be a little fang."

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And today.

Can’t wait to get our new dining table ahhhhhhhh

Three & a half weeks ago…

I’m moving out of the Echo Park bungalow I’ve lived in for the last six years in two days. And although I am so excited to go and move into a new chapter of my life, I can’t help but feel pangs of sadness. This bungalow saved me. I lived with a heroin addict hoarder Craig’s List hooker when I first moved to LA. There were five drive-bys in four months. I couldn’t afford this place, but I had to move. And it was my dream. This tiny bungalow overlooking the EP Sunset strip. It was more than half of my monthly $1600 income, but I didn’t care. I put my heart and soul into affording a life here.

And then, that tiny dream became just that.

Too tiny.

We’re bursting at the seams here, the landlord won’t fix our peeling tub, and we can’t entertain like we’d like to. Dodger fans spend Saturdays puking outside our carport, and the late night parking lot fights of El Compadre have lost their humorous luster.

I’ve wanted to move so badly. It’s all I could think about. I thought about it every day. A new little bit bigger dream. With real wood floors and space for a real dining room table and lots of natural light. I saw it. And ten months later, I have it. It’s mine. It’s every thing I wanted that was within my means.

Well, kinda. Anyone who is renting in LA right now will tell you that barely anything worth while is within their means. I’m back to where I started— spending half of my income on a dream.

I couldn’t be more excited. And so much is happening right now besides the move, that I really haven’t had much time to think about it. But as I sit here, looking at my empty walls and packed boxes, it’s overwhelming. Even though I know I’m moving, into a place I love, I still can’t imagine not being here.

I had my first birthday party in LA in this house. This is where I blogged. This is where all my favorite bands slept on my couch. A few in my bed. This is where I ran home drunk at all hours to, climbing this god forsaken hill. This is where Ben first kissed me while I sat on the kitchen counter. This is where he moved in and we fell in love and this is where we move on.

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Me and my friend @markduplass who helped me more than anyone make the movie #adultbeginners premiering right now at #tiff!!!

My heart skipped a beat.